Cover to Cover ~ May 13, 2017 ~ A Great Success!

What a wonderful day we had!  The baskets, the authors, the succulent wreaths and the Kokedama plants, the centerpieces, the bunnies, the $500 raffle, the laughter, and the conversations among friends made the day just perfect!  Thank you to everyone who helped make the day flawless.  Thank you to those who created the baskets, sold the tickets, determined the winners, and checked the baskets at the end and everyone else who worked that day and before C2C.  You were amazing.  You knew what to do and you performed your job well.  It is women like you who make me proud of our branch.  I am honored to have been the chair this year and to have worked with all of you.

We did very well with our money-making efforts.  We made $7605 from the 2016-17 Fall Campaign.  Add to that the $3750 we made at Cover to Cover, our Spring Campaign, and the $2550 that Hologic, Inc. donated to Tech Trek, and we have collected $13,900 for our 2018 Tech Trek campers and the 2018 Women’s Re-entry Scholarship fund!  It is a great day to belong to our branch!

Pamela Meyer     Cover to Cover Chair 2017