Re-entry Woman Scholarship

The Fall 2018 scholarship will be available in January 2018

Criteria for Selection of Re-entry Woman Scholarship Program
Scholarships are awarded to women who are non-traditional students who have experienced challenges in life and education that differ from the traditional 4-year path.
• Minimum 23 years of age or older
• Female, high school graduate or GED without a bachelor’s or advanced degree
• Enrolled or accepted in a degree program at a community college, 4-year college or university
• Currently taking courses towards stated goal (minimum of 6 units)
• Completion of at least 20 college-level credits, excluding physical education and remedial   courses with a 2.00 GPA
• Lives or attends school in north San Diego county including northern city of San Diego
*Former scholarship recipients may not reapply
Application process:
1. Complete the application form (attached)
2. Submit two letters of recommendation addressing your accomplishments, attributes, academic and career goals. Letters cannot be written by relatives and must contain contact information.
3. Submit a Personal Statement (limited to one page, typed, double-spaced, 12 pt font Times Roman) addressing:
• Why you consider yourself a non-traditional student
• Statement of your education and career goals, as well as steps taken to achieve stated goals
• How this scholarship will help you achieve your goals
4. Submit an official transcript of ALL college courses
Selection Criteria: Committee will make its selection on the overall quality and content of the application. The following is a guide to use in selection:
1. GPA Last two grading Periods 20 point max (4.0=10 pts, 3.0=8pts)
2. Overall GPA 20 point max (see scale attached)
3. Quality of Written Statement 15 point max
4. Clearly Articulated Goal 10 point max
5. Likelihood of accomplishing Goal 20 point max
6. Work experience related to educ. goal 5 points
7. Non-traditional student status 5 points
8. Letters of Recommendation 5 points
Max 100 point total score

*Interview optional in the case of ties in scoring.
*Any duplication of application materials of applicants containing personal information must be shredded after selection completed. Only materials of those selected shall be retained in a confidential file.