AAUW Funds Honorees

Our thanks and recognition to our members who have made a significant contribution to our Poway Penasquitos Branch.
2018-19 Michelle Blasberg, Kris Downey, Pam Kirpalani, Miriam Lauff,
Benita Page , and Marilyn Scheininger
2017-18 Pam Ames, Georgia Chagala, Deborah Dutilly, Harriet Gerza, and Pamela Meyer
2016-17 Jeanne Fullerton, Michele Michaels, Ellen Moir, Ann Morgan,
Berina Pennington, Carol Squires, Deborah Tweeten, Sharon Watkins, Carol Wigent, and Gayle Ziaskas
2015-16 Marie Dye, and Jan Rightmer
2014-15 Joan Cote, Gigi Cramer, and  Joan Thompson
2013-14 Ilene Buchenau and Janice Schock
2012-13 Pam Meyer, Barbara Fischer, and Phyllis Whitfield (in memoriam)
2011-12 JoAnn Hann, Sherrill Leist, and Jacque Sturtevant
2010-11 Barbara Novikoff
2009-10 Mary McKinzie, and Claire Mitchell (in memoriam)
2008-09 Charlotte Anderson
2007-08 Anne Slavicek, and Sarah Tripp (in memoriam)
2006-07 Augusta Knuth, Michele Michaels
2001-06 Unknown
2000-01 Carol Squires
1999-2000 Charlene Lewis (in memoriam)
1998-99 Carolyn Hess
1997-98 Unknown
1996-97 Kris Downey, and DiDi Grant
1995-96 Marjorie Mott, and The Ramona Connection
1994-95 Judy Anderson, Trudy Ennis, and Barbara Fischer
1993-94 Amanda Roth
1992-93 Joan Chadwick
1991-92 Lynette De St Croix
1990-91 Anne Carroll
1989-90 Joan Thompson
1988-89 Debby Tweeten
1987-88 None
1986-87 Phyllis Forman
1985-86 Stella Wilcox
1984-85 None
1983-84 Kris Downey. Pam Meyer, and Jacque Sturtevant
1980-83 Cathy Roy
1979-80 Adele Gilman (in memoriam)
Prior to 1979 Laureen Clayton (in memoriam)