Speech Trek 2022 – State Winner!!

AAUW California
Speech Trek Contest

Congratulations to our Poway-Penasquitos Branch Speech Trek winner, Kristine Sy, for her 1st place win in the California State competition on Saturday, April 30th!! The contestants spoke on the topic: Has the US lived up to its pledge of liberty and justice for all? Would requiring the study of diversity, equity, and inclusion in a high school setting help ensure liberty and justice for all?

Karen McGurk, Kristine Sy, Gloria Ing and Marie Dye

We were fortunate to have Kristine and two guests attend the branch’s General meeting on Saturday May 14th. In addition, we had the pleasure of meeting her coach, Gloria Ing, who mentored two previous branch winners, Dominique Ruedaflores and jay Wang. Gloria shared an update on the previous winners and thanked the branch for our support of the youth in our community.


Interested in our next years competition? Stay tuned for next years topic and competition dates to be published this Fall. Contact AAUW Poway-Penasquitos Branch at aauwboard@gmail.com for more information.

Speeches from previous years can be viewed on YouTube by searching “Speech Trek” followed by the year (ie Speech Trek 2021, or Speech Trek 2019)

Past Poway Penasquitos Branch

Our 2021 branch finalist, Vidhi Kulkarni from Del Norte High School, spoke on the topic, “Has social media helped or hindered the breaking down of barriers for women and girls?“.  Her fellow participants were Jay Wang from Mark Kepler High School, Olivia Toledo from Mira Mesa High School, and Nirja Trivedi from Westview High School.

Vidhi Kulkami, 1st place branch winner of 2021 Speech Trek

Our 2nd Annual Speech Trek finalist, Jay Wang, spoke on the topic “ Are men and women truly equal today, or are the Suffragettes of 1920 still suffering in 2020?” Second place went to Shiraz Rezaei, and third place to Skandhaa Subramaniam.

Our three Speech Trek winners with the judges and our branch President

Congratulations to all the participants!

Jay’s speech can be viewed on YouTube at https://youtu.be/04EFdfinNy0

Speech Trek 2019 Winners

Our 1st Annual Speech Trek 2019 finalist, Dominique Ruedaflores, spoke on the topic, “How Can We Eliminate Violence Aimed at Our Schools?”

She went on to compete at the State level and won, which was another $1500 in prize money.

We are so proud of her accomplishment!

Her speech is available on YouTube at https://youtu.be/W8gJp0EMfQM.

Updated 11 Feb 2021