AAUW Funds Honorees

Our thanks and recognition to our members who have made a significant contribution to our Poway Penasquitos Branch.
Cathy Burciaga, Janice Heather, Sheila Walker, and Adrianne Peterson
Heidi Dalvie, Ellen Dillon, Jeanni Harrison, Joan Natoli, Aresa Toukdarian, and Donna Lucansky (in memorium)
Mary Agne, Caryln Bowls, Marie Dye, and Berina Pennington
2018-19 Michelle Blasberg, Kris Downey, Pam Kirpalani, Miriam Lauff,
Benita Page, and Marilyn Scheininger
2017-18 Pam Ames, Georgia Chagala, Deborah Dutilly, Harriet Gerza, and Pamela Meyer
2016-17 Jeanne Fullerton, Michele Michaels, Ellen Moir, Ann Morgan,
Berina Pennington, Carol Squires, Deborah Tweeten, Sharon Watkins, Carol Wigent, and Gayle Ziaskas
2015-16 Marie Dye, and Jan Rightmer
2014-15 Joan Cote, Gigi Cramer, and  Joan Thompson
2013-14 Ilene Buchenau and Janice Schock
2012-13 Pam Meyer, Barbara Fischer, and Phyllis Whitfield (in memoriam)
2011-12 JoAnn Hann, Sherrill Leist, and Jacque Sturtevant
2010-11 Barbara Novikoff
2009-10 Mary McKinzie, and Claire Mitchell (in memoriam)
2008-09 Charlotte Anderson
2007-08 Anne Slavicek, and Sarah Tripp (in memoriam)
2006-07 Augusta Knuth, Michele Michaels
2001-06 Unknown
2000-01 Carol Squires
1999-2000 Charlene Lewis (in memoriam)
1998-99 Carolyn Hess
1997-98 Unknown
1996-97 Kris Downey, and DiDi Grant
1995-96 Marjorie Mott, and The Ramona Connection
1994-95 Judy Anderson, Trudy Ennis, and Barbara Fischer
1993-94 Amanda Roth
1992-93 Joan Chadwick
1991-92 Lynette De St Croix
1990-91 Anne Carroll
1989-90 Joan Thompson
1988-89 Debby Tweeten
1987-88 None
1986-87 Phyllis Forman
1985-86 Stella Wilcox
1984-85 None
1983-84 Kris Downey, Pam Meyer, and Jacque Sturtevant
1980-83 Cathy Roy
1979-80 Adele Gilman (in memoriam)
Prior to 1979 Laureen Clayton (in memoriam)