Re-entry Women Scholarships


CONGRATULATIONS   to our Four  2023 Scholarships Winners!

2023 Scholarship Winners

Thanks to your generous donations during our Fall Fundraising Campaign and our springtime Cover to Cover Authors Luncheon fundraiser, each of these hardworking and deserving scholars were awarded a $2,000 Scholarship check and certificate to continue their studies.


•  Mikael “Miki” McArthur-Meier, a prolific artist, community volunteer, and full-time student whose goal is to create programs and community based art projects that support the caregivers of individuals with sensory processing difficulties

•  Hannah Crabtree, a psychology major attending a local community college who plans to transfer to a 4-yrs college program in SD  to major in Clinical Psychology. Having learned to manage her own disabilities, while also tutoring other young adults with learning disabilities, she wants to realize her dream of helping to bring relief to those who suffer from mental illness.

•  Cameron Danna, a major in Alcohol and Drug Studies and Family Counseling, an EMT, and substance abuse treatment case manager. Her goal is to obtain her BA Degree, and ultimately direct a facility dedicated to helping and healing those suffering from mental illness and substance abuse.

•  Julie Clemmons, a single mom whose child was diagnosed autism, wants to resume her studies in Entrepreneurship and Sociology. She plans to use her experiences in the performing arts, teaching, fitness, and her work with children and adults with disabilities to launch a successful career supporting the neurodivergent community.

If you are interested in applying for one of our 2024 Women’s Re-Entry Scholarships, please check back after the new year once the 2024 Flyer and application have posted.  If you have questions, please contact us at

Eligible applicants must meet the following requirements:

    • Female high school graduate or GED without a bachelor’s degree
    • Enrolled or accepted in a degree program at a community college, 4-year college or university
    • Currently taking courses toward stated goal
    • Non-traditional student: at least 23 years of age and having experienced challenges in life and education that differ from traditional four-year path
    • Completion of at least 20 college-level credits excluding physical education and remedial classes
    • Lives or attends school in San Diego County
    • Has not previously received an AAUW Poway-Penasquitos scholarship


  • Download application:
    2024 AAUW FILLABLE Scholarship Application
  • 2024 Scholarships Flyer