Zoom Meetings & Presentations

This page was added so everyone would be able to watch past presentation that were recorded and saved via Zoom, YouTube, etc. If you have difficulties accessing or viewing any of these links, please email a quick note to let me know the issue you had.

2021 Apr 15th:  Andrew Strong, director of San Diego county’s new Office of Equity and Racial Justice, will speak to us about this committee he has been tasked with creating. Following will be our general meeting which starts at the 43:58 mark. This month, there are three options to listen and/or watch the meeting: audio only, speaker view video, and group view video.

Audio Only
Speaker View Video
Group View Video

2021 Mar 10th:  
Kathi Harper speaks about “Examining Pay Equality issues”. Following this our Tech Trek team will speak about the exciting plans for this year and how you may become part of it. This starts at the 41:43 mark.


Tech Trek Handouts/Slideshow PDFs
Tech Trek Volunteer Handouts

2021 Feb 10th:  
Agnes Weber, a local civil engineer, will share her career and talk about women in engineering.


2021 Jan 30th: 
  Listen to our Speech Trek branch winner, Vidhi Kulkarni, present her speech on, “Has social media helped or hindered the breaking down of barriers for women and girls.”


2020 Nov 14th:  Dr John D Malone, Covid 19 Presentation


2020 Oct 10th
:  League of Women’s Voters, Ballot measures Presentation.


Handout/Slideshow PDFs:

2020 Sep 12th
:   General Membership Meeting, the Induction of our new board members.


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